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Family Medicine covers care for the whole family, including annual physical exams, acute care visits, general medical visits, and more. Dallas, TX patients can trust Arbor Green Family Medicine for all their family's medical needs.

Family Medicine Q & A

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What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is a type of primary care that gives whole body health care to the whole family. A family medicine doctor treats people of all ages, so it is not unusual for a doctor of this type to treat the parents, the children, the grandparents, and many other members of the same family. A family doctor has training in multiple areas, including preventive care, chronic disease management, and the treatment of acute injury or illness. To best serve their patients throughout the entire patient lifespan, family medicine doctors often pursue continuing education at several points during their career.

What Happens If the Patient Has to Go to the Hospital?

If the patient needs to be hospitalized, the family medicine doctor will coordinate their care, making sure that all of their needs are arranged for while they are in the hospital. The doctors at Arbor Green Family Medicine maintain hospital affiliations so that they can visit their patients while they are hospitalized and continue to take part in their care decisions until they are back home again.

How Often Should a Patient See Their Family Doctor?

For most people, regular check-ups should happen at least once a year. However, every patient's situation is different, so the doctor will customize a treatment schedule for each person. Regular check-ups and maintenance visits for the management of chronic conditions like diabetes are different than urgent care visits. Any urgent care visits should be made as needed, and should not take the place of other regularly scheduled medical care visits.

What Type of Care Can a Family Doctor Provide?

Family doctors like Dr. Alaidroos and Dr. Kopel, provide a very wide range of care including pediatric care, geriatric care, well woman exams, immunizations, weight loss, and much more. Dr. Alaidroos is a family care provider who also offers FAA Medical Exams via

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