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The FAA Medical Exam - Airmen Exam is offered by Arbor Green Family Medicine in Dallas, TX. The goal is zero wait time for pilots who need the Federal Aviation Administration Medical exam.

FAA Medical Exam Q & A

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What is a Class I Aviation Medical Exam?

DOCFAA has been qualified by the FAA to offer Class I Aviation Medical Exams. This exam requires an EKG test at least one time after a pilot turns 35. After the age of 40, the EKG test must be done once a year. This requirement is in addition to the requirements of the Class II and Class III Aviation Medical Exams.

What is a Class II Aviation Medical Exam?

DOCFAA offers Class II Aviation Medical Exams to pilots who have a commercial non-airline pilot's license. This type of exam is commonly needed for people who are corporate pilots, people who operate crop duster aircrafts, and other jobs of this type. People who act as an air traffic control tower operator, a flight engineer, or a flight navigator must hold this type of certificate. This medical certificate is valid for 1 year, and will then expire at the end of the month during which the examination took place.

What is a Class III Aviation Medical Exam?

A Class III Aviation Medical Exam is needed for people who wish to work as a private pilot, a recreational pilot, a flight instructor, or a student pilot.

How Does the Process Work?

At DOCFAA, the goal is to make the entire process of obtaining examinations and medical certificates as easy and streamlined as possible for pilots. DOCFAA is completely integrated with the FAA MedXPress system. This allows for the seamless processing of all medical histories, and for the fast submission of medical examination results directly to the FAA. Ultimately, this means that the process of obtaining the Aviation Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Certificate can be much easier and less stressful than it would otherwise be. DOCFAA is one of the few places in the area that is able to provide Class I, Class II, and Class III certificates all in one place.

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